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Full Service Video Production & Editing

With over 30 years experience, we are Dallas' premiere source for video production. Bring us your idea. We'll help you put your vision into motion.

DDS can provide:

  • Script
  • Studio or location
  • Equipment
  • Crew
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Talent
  • Green screen


In post-production, we'll bring it all
to life with:

  • Non-linear editing
  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • Voiceover
  • Graphics
  • Special effects
  • Animation
We produce videos for:

  • Corporations
  • Non-Profits
  • Training
  • Documentaries
  • Live Events, Performances, Conferences
  • Fund-Raising
  • Auditions/College Entrance
  • Celebrations: Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions
  • Memorials and Funerals
  • Personal/Family

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Turnkey Video Production

Ask about how we can videotape your live event at NO COST and NO HASSLE to you!

Dallas Digital Studios offers a turnkey video service to organizations hosting live events. We will bring one or two professional-quality, high-definition camera to your location along with a professional operator to shoot the event.  We will use one or more high quality microphones, with stand mics or wireless lapel mic, depending on the presentation.   If available, we will accept an audio feed from the control booth.

At the event, we will set up a table with order forms and information about the DVDs and/or CDs offered.  We can take orders at the event, through the mail, or through our partner website We accept all major credit cards on all orders.

After the event, we will edit the videotape, add titles as needed, and master the finished show onto a DVD or CD.  Slides, PowerPoint presentations, etc can be inserted  if provided to us by the presenter.  We will then duplicate the master, print label graphics onto the discs and box them in slimline jewelcases.    We can use your logo or other graphics if provided.  

The finished DVD  or CD will be mailed directly to the customer within three weeks.

Your organization does not have to take the orders, accept payment or handle delivery in any way. And there is no cost to you.

If your organization wishes to use the discs as a fund-raiser, then you may purchase a set number of finished discs and handle orders, payment and delivery yourself.

Call 214-349-2349 for more information.

Media Transfers to DVD & CD

  • 8mm and Super 8 film
  • VHS, Hi-8, VHS-C, Mini DVCam video
  • Cassette Audio, 45s & LPs
  • Reel-to-Reel Audio

We take your vintage media, audio or video, handle it with care, and convert it to CD or DVD, MP3, MP4, WAV or AVI. We'll give it back to you on discs, flash drives, hard drives or other formats.

We'll even create a channel and post it to YouTube.

And we NEVER send your precious media out of our office!

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DDS Can Help You With:

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